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Who Doesn't Want Professional Concrete Installation Finishes?

How to Professional Installation of Concrete to Stained Floors

After installing a few concrete jobs for some customers and them being so happy with the work we decided to add professional concrete installation to our list of Services. But be careful of concrete contractors in Houston.

Many individuals think when it comes to concrete that there is nothing to it. But as with any specialty concrete work, it is in all the prepping of the site and the details.

When looking for a concrete contractor in Houston look for one who is well informed of the details such as the PSI at which the concrete is poured and what type of reinforcing do they use.

When it comes to our concrete work, we stick to a system that always ensures success.

There are so many different site situations to take into consideration when installing professional concrete installation finishes in Houston.

professional concrete installation

professional concrete installations

Professional Concrete Contractors, What to Care About?

Does soil or sand need to be brought in to build up the area first? Does the area need to be compacted? Will this be a concrete area that will be just for entertaining or also that cars will park on?

One of the basics when it comes to concrete installation finishes in Houston, is to be sure to bank sand as a base.

It doesn't work well using the same type of soil you would use for a flower bed, since this type of soil has a lot of movement in it and organic material that will break down.

Another question when installing your professional concrete driveway or sidewalk in Houston is to put down plastic before the concrete is poured. Some experts say you should some say you shouldn't.

We give you this option and make our recommendations depending on the concrete works application in each case.

concrete repair

professional concrete installation works

Reinforcing Concrete Installation Works

When it comes to reinforcing metal for your Houston concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio there are a few different ways to accomplish this. You can do this with traditional re-bar anywhere from? "1 to 2" thick.

Also you can use mesh wiring.. Once again it depends on the application as to which is the best. Another consideration is the depth of the concrete, this usually ranges from 4"-6".

One of the most overlooked areas of pouring concrete is the curing process.

During the first 15 days the concrete should be watered each day to ensure a slow curing process. This process helps with the strength and prevents excess cracking of the concrete.

professional concrete repair finishes

Stamped Concrete Installations in Houston, TX

Many individuals also have asked us about concrete stamping. Concrete stamping in Houston can be a very cost effective way to have your concrete look like things such as:

Natural Stone, Brick, Cobblestone, and many more varieties of textures and colors.

When installing stamped concrete in Houston, it is important to think beforehand what color you will want your concrete to be.

Before the stamps can be applied to the stamped concrete, a release agent must be applied. Release agents come in liquid or powder forms. We prefer the powder forms.

Colloring Concrete Installations in Houston, TX

You can buy any color you want for the release agent for your stamped concrete project in Houston.

The release agent will serve as a background color for whatever the final color will be.

After the concrete has been poured, it must cure a minimum of 15-30 days until the final color is applied. Once the final color has been applied to your stamped concrete, then you want to apply a sealer. The most important stamp in staining concrete in Houston is the concrete sealer.

If you do not apply the sealer correctly or do not use a commercial grade product within a few months your stained concrete will begin to fade.

Here a just a few helpful hints to help you have your professional concrete installation and concrete repair job that will last and look great for a long time.

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