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Landscaping Houston Heights is not peace of cake. Not everyone is knowledgeable enough to perform qualified landscaping work around Houston Heights area.

As professional landscaper contractor we must be able to recognize local weather and soil conditions around Houston Heights to ensure quality of landscaping design works.

Performing landscaping work in the Houston Heights requires a lot of experience. It is not only about general improvements but lasting and sustainable landscaping work.

All customers along the Houston Heights know this as a fact. If you are one of them you must be very selective in hiring only specialized contractors to do the landscaping front yard work you may need.

When it comes to selecting the plant material for your Houston Heights Landscape, we are very selective. Many of the plants we use are Native Texas Plants. Not some plant material grown in the North.

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Houston Landscaping Front Yard

If your landscaping work is simple - no matter what - it requires intelligence to last for a long time. Even selecting plants that can handle harsh extreme temperatures in the winter time.

At Summerlin Landscaping we like using many varieties of tropical plants, but we are careful not too use to many so If we do have a harsh winter, your entire landscape will not be dead.

Another major item to consider when landscaping in the heights is improving soil quality and texture. By adding fresh planting mix and compost this helps your plants to survive major droughts and extreme conditions.

You should already know most of our customers are so happy with the quality of our landscaping front yard work that they usually recommend us very often by "word of mouth."

Surrounding Area Houston Landscaping

We feel proud of it! This is just a sample of gratitude we greatly appreciate. But our concentration is in the finishing quality of the job we do for you.

We work hard enough to satisfy your most demanding needs. Whether grass, flowers, stones, walkways, water ponds, soil fertilization, general patio and garden maintenance and any other details... we really care about your needs.

Our job is to provide full satisfaction. If for any reason we fail to accomplish this - so far we haven't - we will go out of our way to ensure we have exceeded your expectations.

You will never ever find a landscaping Houston Heights contractor willing to put his best foot forward. We really do!

This is the only way we have found to satisfy our customer most demanding needs and we respect our customer requirements and demands.

Bottom Line! We know you want a very low maintenance landscape and for it to last. When landscaping in the heights in Houston many times it is second nature on the installation of your job. Why? Because this is what we do every day!

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