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Its All About the Style!

When it comes to landscape designer in Houston, it comes down to a lot of factors. Finding a landscape designer that listens and is well qualified is not easy to find in Houston landscapers or landscape designers.

It all starts with what type of style you want your Houston landscape to be. Do you want a formal Houston landscape or an informal Houston landscape? What type of theme do you want for your Houston landscape?

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Landscape Design Styles in Houston

Here are some examples. As an experienced landscape designer in Houston, the first element I consider is the theme. The theme will largely depend on what type of style your home is.

Most Houston homes can easily blend in with a Mediterranean Style. We all have seen the beautiful Tuscan gardens in Italy. Yes, you can have a Tuscan landscape in Houston.

The climate here in Houston is very well suited to plants that grow in Italy. Also to be included with Mediterranean style in Houston is French Country Style.

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Houston Tropical Landscape Design Style

What about a Tropical Style? Houston Texas is a very humid and tropical climate. Although our winters here in Houston,TX are a little more than most tropical climates.

Tropical plants to consider are the passion flower vine, cannas, hibuscus, peace lily, and other subtropical plants. Just be sure not to overwhelm your Houston landscape with subtropical plants, if we have a harsh freeze you could lose these plants.

For the most part around the world most landscape designers love what they do. We all know that passion and conviction are a key to any success. Landscape designers of course vary in preference.

Finally a Houston Landscape Company to Meet Your Most Demanding Needs!

As a landscape designer I always keep in mind to listen to what the customer wants. When it comes to what a customer wants in their Houston landscape, detail is extremely important.

Landscape design to me is a way to create something soothing, but also has little bursts of color in the Houston landscape. In most of my Houston landscape designs I try to arouse curiosity in the landscape.

I believe a great Houston landscape designer lets the child in him run free for small increments of time and then adds reasonableness to creativity. Look over our landscape design in Houston's portfolio is a great trade and I love it a little more each day.

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