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Finally, a qualified Landscape Contractor for Sugarland, TX! Trying to find a Sugarland Texas landscape contractor is not easy... There are so many choices and options that a Sugar Land homeowner has.

Hopefully I can give you some useful tips about landscaping and landscape design in Sugarland and Houston Texas that will make your search easier.

When searching for a Sugarland landscape contractor try to find contractors that specialize in actual landscaping and not just grass cutting. Here at Summerlin Landscaping we have many specialties.

Let me give you a few highlights and to elaborate a little more about drainage, soil amendments and contrasts requirements for beautiful landscaping in Sugar Land Texas...

landscape contractor for sugarland tx

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How Valuable is Drainage to Landscape Construction in Sugarland, TX

One of the first things to consider on a Sugarland TX landscape is drainage. Of course like most landscape designers and contractors we recommend a French Drain system if their is a drainage problem.

Basically since a French Drain pipe has perforations all along the pipe it drains at all locations, which provides for even drainage. Next of course, is soil quality if you are looking to install a Sugarland Texas landscape.

Why Soil Amendments for Sugar Land Texas?

Most Houston gardens have not been amended with the right soil additives to ensure proper soil nutrition for the Houston plants that are installed. Some good soil amendments for most Sugarland landscapes are peat, sand, and bark.

Of course, also selecting the right plants for your Sugarland landscape. When installing a new landscape we try to use plants that are native to Texas.

Many landscapers and landscape contractors will use plants that look good at first, but after a few months are not the best plants for a Texas landscape. One of our favorites is Texas Sage.

Importance of Contrast In Landscaping for Sugarland, TX

I love contrast! Do you? landscape yard contrast is what makes or breaks a home or landscape. When installing your Sugarland landscape and beauty is desired, we are looking for landscape design contrast not only in the type of plants, but also how those plants contrast the rocks or mulch we use in your garden.

Of course, looking at plant texture also helps the landscape to complement the landscape gardens and home backyard landscape.

In case resale is a consideration, we also look at the perfection gardening landscape to style or theme of your Houston or Sugarland home to increase real estate value.

Other landscape design considerations...Is it traditional, contemporary? Does your Sugarland home have a Mediterranean or Tropical landscape design look?

What about landscape lighting? Landscape lighting design provides a new look to Sugarland homes for resale. Front yard landscape design should be within your landscape plans. Have you made plans to have landscape lighting in your Sugarland landscape?

We install many different backyard landscape designs from affordable commercial brands to make your neighbor extremely jealous, some even come with a lifetime warranty!

Take your time and look around at different landscape contractors and when you are ready for real professional residential landscaping or swimming pool landscaping or top Sugarland landscape quality works, please give me a call! (713) 392-8259

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