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Humble Landscaping Must Be Done By Landscapers Contractors from Humble TX

It is Humble landscaping important? If you live by Humble, TX and observe landscaping as you drive around many new homes, you see what I call the contractor special landscaping.

Usually it is non imaginative and is just for the purpose of saying, OK, here is some greenery.

And as the months pass for most landscapes you see that the plants usually do not flourish. Why? Lack of adequate soil preparation.

For good results in Humble landscaping, the long term success of any plant depends on the type of soil the plant is growing in.

When looking to landscape your Humble home, it is wise to first consider building the soil where your plants can have optimum success.

First of all you want your soil to be able to hold water and nutrients. To achieve a maximum amount of retention both humus and organic materials need to be added to the soil.

Such additions could include peat moss, compost, various barks, leaf mold, animal manures and in some situations adding specific types of sands in very wet climates.

Evaluate Your Soil for Humble TX

Around Humble TX, most soils are clay, by nature. Clay is good at holding moisture, but usually does not have very much organic content and needs to be amended to achieve adequate drainage.

Peat Moss is a good addition to clay, along with composted mulches. By adding the mulch to the clay and peat moss you help it to avoid becoming a brick.

Yes! I said a brick. Some Humble landscapers have turned decent soils into even worst soils, not realizing their recipe for amending the soil was the same as for making bricks, just minus the brick oven.

Usually a mixture of native soil, organic based sand, composted manure and mulch makes a great flower bed.

Planning for Your Plants in Humble TX

Many different plants require different things as regards to soil preparation. For example when planting a tree I do not recommend amending the soil very much at all.

You want to encourage the plant, to reach deep into the native soil.

But for example with various shrubbery the plants usually have fibrous root systems which allow you to amend the flower beds for them.

For an Annual Bed such as Pansies, Dianthus, Vinca, Winter Cabbage, or Petunias these annuals require a lot of nutrients because they are continually flowering so for these plants each year it requires you add new healthy soils to enable the plants to continue prolong flowering.

As you are looking at your plant selections, try to look for native plants.

These native plants are not as fussy, as non native plants which means over the long haul they will be easier to take care of.

Fertilizing in Humble TX

When looking for a fertilizer focus on fertilizers that feed your plants for at least 3 months. This will help cut down on your stress level and make your life easier.

Remember always look at the 3 numbers on the front to make sure you are buying the right fertilizer.

The 12-3-6 are as follows: 12 = What percentage is for Nitrogen. The 3 represents what percentage is for phosphorous or root growth and the 6 is potassium which helps with the overall health of the plant. That's the way to go on any Humble landscaping, gardening and lawn development.

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